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    Welcome to Inspiring Minds 7, the site designed and developed by its CEO James Alexander. This Philadelphia native who is a motivational speaker, poet, multimedia designer and entrepreneur felt the need to create an outlet that inspires others daily. James Alexander not only holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University but a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Design from Wilmington University as well. He is clearly driven by the desire to maximize his full potential by sharing his blessings with society as a whole. In a world where negativity seems to drive the media outlets, Inspiring Minds 7 looks to provide that breath of fresh air to those in search of positive change, motivation and yes inspiration. So if you're that inspiring artist, motivational speaker, aspiring entrepreneur we're speaking about or simply want our services, feel free to contact us by clicking here. Stay focused, motivated and God bless.




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"If the enemy can get you to believe in failure, defeat, lust, pride, sickness, death, ineffectiveness, destruction and more - all of which he paints pictures of with lies - then he has you!"

             - John Bevere

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    If you are that inspiration or knows someone who is, just click on this link and give us a brief bio along with contact information.


Services include:

- Seminars on how to live a richer life by understanding the power of words

- Finding your gift and purpose

- Workshops to provide the tools to becoming a self-published author

* Rates are based on the allotted time needed, lodging, travel and the opportunity to market and promote our product and services. To request quotes just click here.*

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